twenty-first century woman (Dancing Girl Press 2019)

Select Print Poetry Publications:

Prairie Schooner, volume 92, no. 4 – “To Hold”

Gigantic Sequins 9.2 – “Follow the Leader”

The Journal 40.1 – “Ways we are Taught”

Salt Hill 36 – “Meatlocker”

Nomadic Journal: Wonder “Siphon” and “Body Memory”

Select Online Poetry Publications:

       Tin House – “At a Gas Station in Vermont with my Best Friend P”

       The Rupture- “House Ghost” and “America”

       Zocalo Public Square- “Even the Land is Tired”

Poetry Daily “To Hold” (first published in Prairie Schooner)

A Dozen Nothing“Body of Water“, “Cottonwood”, “Stares Can”, “Snowstorm”, “Morning, at the Shore”

Leveler “Blue”

Juked“My Dress”

The Superstition Review“Changing Houses”, “Summer”, and “Bells”

Memorious – “Mother-Daughter”, “In Hiding”, and “By the Shore”

Entropy – “Marriage Season”, “Drought“, and “Desire”

Dialogist – “Dollhouse”

The Watershed Review – “Women as Cows” and “First”

Prelude – “Runaway”

Enclave“Night Lessons”

The Nashville Review“Woman at the Well” and “Listening”